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First Ladies

By (author),
Behind every great man, there's a great woman,only in Julian Jenson's case, there are threeaaSo, have you met the Prime Minister before?Suave PM Julian Jenson has just been re-elected. The nations darling, he has an elegance and natural charm in public. But in private the cracks are starting to show.At his side is his wife, Valerie. Trim, tall, well educated but deeply unhappy with her son and daughter away at school, alcohol is becoming a trusted friend.Sally Simpson is at the peak of her game. Powerful editor of the bestselling magazine Celeb, she cant wait to take her rightful place by Julians side.Sexy TV reporter Isla McGovern has caught Julians eye, and she will do anything (or anyone) to get to the top.When the three women meet, so begins a perfect storm, and only one can emerge as the First Lady.aJuiciest read of the year. I loved it. Tasmina Perry

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