• ISBN: 9780007436484
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Book of Dad

By (author),
The Book that will forever define the essentially comic state of being, acting, looking, and sounding like a Dad.You think you know your Dad? You think he gets up to go to work every morning, does his job, eats his lunch, has an afternoon snack or three, then comes home and eats dinner in front of the TV? On the weekend, maybe he mows the lawn or fixes that broken shelf, or has a few jars down the pub with the lads? You think that's what Dads do, don't you? You think that's all there is?Oh, how little you know.A hymn to all things paternal, 'The Book of Dad' will change the way you think about your Dad, my Dad, his Dad, their Dad, Everybody's Dad. Including such marvellous chapters as Know Your Dad, The World According to Dad, Dads Through The Ages (from Caveman Dad up to Victorian Dad), How To Be A Dad, and The Dad-to-Be, 'The Book of Dad' is a highly illustrated, high-quality, highly anticipated romp through the pantheon of Dadness...and beyond...but not too far.

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